"As Associate Editor of CareerBuilder.com, I have employed Ann for several years now as a writer on career and business topics. Ann has always done an incredible job for us. Her work has always been returned ahead of schedule, and she is truly one of our best writers. Whenever I have needed something done quickly, she has been the writer (of some fifty or so that we use) I go to. She is dependable and a tremendous writer, an excellent member of our staff."
-Laura E. Boswell,
Associate Editor, CareerBuilder, Inc.

"I could always count on Ann to hand in something original, clear, and striking. She instantly 'got' whatever she needed to understand to write engaging criticism, and had an innate understanding of her readership. She is also as sweet as can be and a real pleasure to work with. There need to be more Ann Guidrys in the world."
-Clay Smith,
Books Editor, Austin Chronicle

"Ann has been a pleasure to work with on my Animal Sciences project. Her writing has been engaging and informative and was always on time or early (a true blessing in the deadline-conscious publishing industry!). Ann's consistently good writing, her pleasant, professional demeanor, and her great communication skills allow me to confidently recommend her services to anyone looking for a committed, conscientious freelancer."
-Kate Millson,
McMillan Reference USA

"The easiest task on my schedule this week is offering a broad endorsement of Ann Guidry’s writing and editing capabilities. She deftly handled assignments that ranged from business-related copy writing to the editing of high-level fiction manuscripts (and all points in between). The girl is a one-woman writing bureau, and her editing skills are highly refined. Hire her."
-Karl Monger,

"Ann is a real pleasure to work with. The training manual she put together is a valuable and handy guideline we use to this day. The professionalism she exhibits is of the highest quality and is reflected in the final product. She is accessible, open to suggestions, and highly conscientious – especially when it comes to meeting deadlines. I would not hesitate to hire her again."
-Shepherd Green,
Director, Locate Services, Supportkids Inc.




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